Racing Rivals 7.0 Update Leaks – Everything New! MysteryCrates, Collectibles and More!

Well, here’s a start of it. Checkout the gallery below of just 600 cars out of the THOUSANDS (close to 400,000 images downloaded thus far) new icons below! (56k warning, for those of you old enough to remember 56k)

So, what’s the big deal with 7.0? Well, its the first MAJOR UPDATE to racing rivals in almost 2 years! When 6.0 dropped, it brought a graphics update, some new race modes, and something called “Shaders” to make the cars shine more. There were a ton of issues with the 6.0 drop… Anyone who ever “Hulked” a car, now they looked awful because the greens were off. Anyone who collected specific wraps on cars because they looked amazing? Yup, you guessed it, they looked awful. With the progression of 6.0 to 6.5.1 (the current version), most of that was fixed, but here comes 7.0 from new developers with a new graphics update. Again. Only time will tell if RR 7.0 will make or break the game. They have given a lot of promises, lets hope they keep them

If the cars above aren’t enough for ya, here’s some other new stuff called Collectibles… Enjoy, they’ll be explained below the gallery.


You may have spied some badges called “Collectible.” Pretty nifty aye? But what’re they for? Well, a source of mine told me exactly what they’re for. You collect the Carbon Fiber Wrench to upgrade high end cars. Each car has Collectibles to help further build them or get an entire car up to a class like R2 or even X. Each car brand has a badge that states its a collectible as well. Pretty cool if you ask me. Also pictured is many of the collectible cars and what their previewed images look like.

You thought the stuff I released last night was juicy? Guess what?!? We know future crates! Check em out above! The new currency icons as well as the new crates from Porsche have been spotted!

If you’re interested in more, below is miscellaneous images that I don’t exactly know the link to. Some of them are the obvious new map icons, some are the new headlight icons, giveaway banners, etc.