Apple Slowing Down Devices Due to Battery Age ~ TechX Opinions

So, everyone is freaking out over Apple slowing down old iPhones/iPads when the batteries get to be around a year-year and a half old. There’s lawsuits flying and people pissed off everywhere you look right now.
I don’t get it. I literally do this on my Galaxy S5 ON PURPOSE. I think adding in an Opt-Out feature to turn this underclocking of the device off would be smart, but even then, people would start complaining of the phones randomly dying and turning off.
On EVERY Android device that I own that’s Rooted and Custom Rom’d, I have an app called Device Control. This app lets me add in tasks for when I turn the device screen on or off. Stupid simple. When my screen is OFF, I put the CPU and GPU Governer at Powersave, I also underclock the CPU to 900MHz max speed, and the GPU to 100MHz max speed. Likewise, when the screen turns ON, I clock it back up to whatever I justify as good enough. On my S5, I still underclock it to 1.5GHz max on CPU and 400MHz GPU with OnDemand Governer… Although I can go up to 2.5GHz max on the S5.
All in all, adding the opt-in/opt-out wouldn’t have fixed anything, but it might have brought purposeful Underclocking/Overclocking to the Jailbreak world on iPhones. I think people would still be bitchy. Apple always uses GREAT batteries. My iPod Touch 2nd Gen still has a battery life OF A WEEK at a time when in use daily, and I got it for Christmas in 2008! ITS NEARLY 10 YEARS OLD!
People need to quit complaining and realize that Apple didn’t really hurt them, they were actually helping with battery life. Educate yourself JUST A LITTLE before bitching about something so stupid.