Lenovo Tab 4 TB-8704F Dev Tablet Setup Start-Finish

This is EVERYTHING, every step, that you’re going to need to get this tablet running 100% to start running modded apps with full Root permissions! Not many are focusing on this tablet, but its really not hard to setup and this tablet makes a good beginner, learners tablet. So, let’s begin!

Keep In Mind, This is all written for the TB-8407F Lenovo Tab 4 8″ Tablet. This MAY NOT ALL WORK on other variants, and there are MANY of them. I am not responsible for bricked devices, especially since we do not YET have official firmware files from Lenovo, or source code for the kernels to rebuild from!

All Files needed for this tutorial can be downloaded with the button below
(it is a Google Drive Link, it automatically Virus Scans since its under 50MB)

Let’s go over what’s needed:

  • ADB/Fastboot Installed System Wide on your Windows PC, and USB cable
    ADB/Fastboot are very simple to get.
  • Unlocking the bootloader
    This gives us access to modifying any and all parts of the tablet. Mainly, we need to do this to flash a Custom Recovery called TWRP. Credits to matshias over on XDA-Developers for Compiling TWRP for this tablet.
  • (duh) TeamWin Recovery Panel aka TWRP
    This will give us access to flashing custom zip files to gain things like Root, as well as other modules, busybox, etc.
  • Magisk Root Manager
    This is what controls the root access on your tablet. very simple to use
  • Magisk-Remount plugin
    The Lenovo tablets have their systems marked as Read Only, so whenever you use root apps that Write to the system, they freeze up and crash the tablet. This fixes that! Credits to dywersant of XDA for making a simple but functional RW/RO plugin for this tablet

Unlocking your Bootloader

  1. Make sure your ADB/Fastboot files are properly installed from Folder 1, and then follow this from step 2 on-wards
  2. Plugin your tablet via Micro-USB Cable and make sure its in MTP mode
  3. Open the Settings app on your Tablet, scroll down to “About Tablet” and select it
  4. Tab on “Build Number” 10 times to unlock Developer Settings
  5. Open the Developer tab, turn on USB Debugging and OEM Unlock, turn Off Auto OEM Updates
  6. Open the folder titled “2 TWRP”
  7. Once opened, hold Shift on the keyboard, and Right Click anywhere, select Open Command Window Here
  8. Once opened, type the following command into your command window
    adb reboot bootloader
  9. That should reboot the device into Fastboot mode, aka the bootloader
  10. Now that you’re here, we start using Fastboot commands. To unlock your bootloader, type the command below
    fastboot oem unlock-go
    It should say “OKAY” on the command prompt window for a result.
  11. You now have your bootloader unlocked! Now you can move on to TWRP. Make sure to reboot your device with the command below
    fastboot reboot

Flashing TWRP Recovery

  1. Since you already have the Command window open, and you’re in the folder “2 TWRP”, this will be easy
  2. Make sure your device is booted into the Fastboot screen. If you’re fully booted to Launcher, use the command below
    adb reboot bootloader
  3. Type the following command into the command window. This will TEST to make sure TWRP works on your tablet
    Fastboot boot twrptablet.img
  4. From here, the device should reboot into TWRP. Now you can test that the touch screen works, and you should be set to go!
  5. A good test is to backup your existing recovery partition via the Backup portion and selecting the Recovery option
  6. Reboot back into Fastboot with ADB via the command below
    adb reboot bootloader
  7. Now that we know TWRP works without a hitch, we can flash it completely within Fastboot mode with the command below
    fastboot flash recovery twrptablet.img
  8. Now TWRP is installed on your device! You can now boot into TWRP 2 ways
    1. Hold Power+Volume UP until Lenovo’s Logo is on screen, then let go of the power button, continue to hold up. This can be done from Off entirely or from Fastboot
    2. from ADB with “adb reboot recovery” from the launcher!
  9. The first time TWRP opens, you’ll want to give it RW permission by simply sliding the bar across the bottom of the screen

Achieving Root with Magisk v14.0, and Making system Writable!

  1. If an Update for Magisk comes out after typing this guide, please run the auto updater that’s built into Magisk from the Magisk Manager app which will be installed on your device after this section of the tutorial!
  2. If your Lenovo tablet is listed, you’re all set! Let’s continue by opening the folder named “3 Magisk Root”
  3. Once opened, close your old Command window and open a new one from there by holding Shift and Right Clicking, selecting Open Command Window Here
  4. From here, you’ll want to be in your TWRP recovery panel. On your computer, make sure the tablet is plugged in and recognized via the following command
    adb devices
  5. Now that its open, you can easily flash Magisk to your device. Select the “Advanced” button, then click “ADB Sideload”
  6. Simply Swipe to start Sideload. Don’t wipe Dalvik/Cache
  7. To install Magisk, in your Command window, type the following
    adb sideload magisk.zip
  8. Magisk should flash over and now you’re rooted!
  9. Now that Magisk is installed, you can also make the system Writable, so it doesn’t freeze up all the time from Root based apps like AdAway or Lucky Patcher
  10. Simply open the folder named “4 RemountSystemMagisk”, open a Command Window with shift, Right click, and put your device back into ADB Sideload mode
  11. Flash the zip “Remountsys.zip” with the command below
    adb sideload Remountsys.zip
  12. Now your system is ready to go!

Congrats! Your tablet is all set and ready to go!


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