Getting Car Town Racing from the Singapore iOS App Store!

So, I figured some of you guys might like this. TONS of us miss the Car Town Streets and Car Town games, so I heard they dropped the game in Singapore on June 21, and wanted to tell you guys how to get it on your iOS devices

What’s Needed:

  1. New iOS account
  2. Sign out of your current iOS account on your device, or a spare ios device


  1. Go to the URL below and create a new iOS iTunes Account
    Apple Account Creation
  2. You’re going to need a Singapore Name/Address/Phone number, so use the website link below to generate a fake one
    Create Fake Singapore Address
  3. Go through the account creation process there on that Apple website page, and then move over to your iOS device.
  4. Once on your device, make sure any Apple Account is logged out, and open the App Store.
  5. Search for Car Town Racing, and click “Get” to try to install the app.
  6. Select “Existing iOS Account” and login to the account you just made
  7. It’ll ask you to go through the Review and finish process of creating the iOS account, this is where you need the fake name and address
  8. Put in the information from the generator and move on from there
  9. Once that’s all set and complete, the game should install!

I would have done a video for this, but its pretty hard when I can’t really record my iOS screen since I can’t jailbreak my device and I don’t want to update to iOS 11 yet 😛 sorry