Asphalt Street Storm Subscribers Hack Tutorial [Android/Windows 8/8.1/10]

This something crazy easy to do. A list of tools will be below

What you Need:
The Tutorial and a few races complete
Cheat Engine (For Windows 8/8.1/10)
Game Guardian (For Android With Root)


  1. Open the Game and go to your Profile page by clicking your username Top Left
  2. Back out of the Game and Open Cheat Engine or Game Guardian
  3. Attach the process to Asphalt
  4. Go back into the game and look at your number of Subscribers
  5. Search for that Number as a 4Byte on Cheat Engine/GameGuardian
  6. Go back into Asphalt, do one or two races, then go back to your profile
  7. Search for the new number of Subscribers. Do steps 4 though 7 until 2 Results are left
  8. Modify that number to anything like 10million
  9. Collect your Free Rewards!