Windows “9.5” Windows 10 Customization Tutorial by LinusTechTips

So, I thought it’d be a smart idea to post this here as eventually I’ll lose it and the post for it might magically disappear someday thanks to Microsoft anyway.

Original post found here:

Original Video Here


Walk-through and What’s Needed:

  • Windows 10 ISO on USB or DVD
  • Fresh Windows 10 Install
  • All Windows 10 Updates Installed

  • Disable Telemetry
    1.) Change privacy settings in Windows’ Settings app
    2.) Disable telemetry in the registry
    3.) open a command prompt as Admin, and type the following 2 links (enter between each)
    sc diagtrack start= disabled
    sc stop diagtrack
  • Service Changes – Hold the Windows key and press R, then type services.msc and click OK.
    1.) Background Intelligent Transfer Service – Automatic (Delayed Start) change to Manual
    2.) Connected User Experiences and Telemetry – Automatic change to Manual
    3.) Diagnostic Policy Service – Automatic change to Manual
    4.) Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) – Manual (Triggered) change to Disabled
    5.) Windows Biometric Service – Automatic change to Manual
    6.) WLAN Autoconfig – Automatic change to Manual
  • Download and install the following
    1.) Aeroglass –
    2.) Win7 Taskbar Reflection – Save the Win7 PNG Attachment
    3.) ClassicShell – – Once Installed, do the following
    — Skin: Win7Like (Download the Post Attachment)
    — Start Button Settings:
    —- Replace Start Button with Choose File -> Windows7.png
    —- Button Size: Change to 24, 32, 48, 64, etc as needed based on your personal resolution and scaling
    — TaskBar modification
    —- Taskbar Look: Glass
    —- Taskbar Opacity: 40 Recommended
    —- Taskbar Texture: Choose File -> Win7 PNG from above
    — Menu Look
    —- Glass Opacity: 10 Recommended
  • 7+ Taskbar Tweaker
    — Right-Click the tray icon, click Advanced Options, change show_desktop_button_size to 12
    — Right-Click taskbar, Cortana -> Hidden, uncheck Show Task View Button on the same menu
  • OldNewExplorer
    — Choose “Use command bar instead of Ribbon,” then install
  • UxStyle
  • Aero 7 Custom Theme (there’s tons to pick from, this is recommended for the most Win7 feel. Clear version was used in the video above)
    — Installing the theme is simple. drag the files in the “Theme\Themes for 10 Build 1433…” folder to the “C:\Windows\Resources\Themes” folder
  • Registry Tweaking
    — Hold the Windows key and press R, then type regedit and click OK.
    — Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM”

    —- Right-Click -> New -> DWORD (32bit if asked)
    —- Name it ColorizationGlassReflectionIntensity
    —- Select Decimal and set it to 100
    —- Click OK.

    —- Right-Click -> New -> DWORD (32bit if asked)
    —- Name it ColorizationColorBalance
    —- Select Decimal and set it to 100
    —- Click OK.

    —- Right-Click -> New -> DWORD (32bit if asked)
    —- Name it ColorizationColorBalanceInactive
    —- Select Decimal and set it to 25
    —- Click OK.

    —- Right-Click -> New -> DWORD (32bit if asked)
    —- Name it GlassOpacity
    —- Select Decimal and set it to 20
    —- Click OK.

    —- Right-Click -> New -> DWORD (32bit if asked)
    —- Name it RoundRectRadius
    —- Select Decimal and set it to 12

  • More Aggressive Tweaks, if desired:
    — Copy taskmgr.exe and msconfig.exe from a Windows 7 Install, name them something like “tm.exe” and msconfig1.exe
    — Place them in the C:\Windows\System32 folder
    — Replace Task Manager with the copied version in the Registry: How-To Geek tutorial link
    — Follow the same procedure for msconfig

    — Disable the People, Calendar, and Mail storage services (disables the Windows apps) as well as the Tile Updates
    —- CDPUserSvc_7e8fc5, ContactData_7e8fc5, SyncHost_7e8fc5, Tile Data Model Server, User Data Access_7e8fc5, User Data Storage_7e8fc5

    — Uninstall every UWP app except for Store (So you can still get them later if wanted, or other windows apps like Forza)
    — Disable Cortana: How-To Geek Cortana Disable Tutorial
    — Enable Verbose Login/Shutdown Messages: TheWindowsClub Tutorial

That’s It! Enjoy your Windows “9.5”