Nintendo Switch – Xbox Live Like Online? Why Nintendo?!?

So after the Nintendo Switch reveal and everything, I see one thing I don’t like out of all of it.

They’re pulling a Microsoft. Nintendo is charging for online kind of like Xbox Live. This is something I think Nintendo SHOULDN’T do as they were one of the last to not charge people for this sort of thing… Hell, I can think of 3 GREAT examples of games that still support online play FOR FREE.

Halo Combat Evolved/Custom Edition (PC)
Get this game for like $5 at your local Half-Price Books. Once installed, you’ll be prompted for an update. An update that bungie released when Gamespy shut down, as Gamespy hosted the multiplayer servers for Halo CE. This update linked to Bungie servers to keep multiplayer alive. Best of all, the update was free AND it fixed a lot of bugs in the game itself. Nearly 10 years later.

Midnight Club 3 for PS2
Both Remix and Dub Edition work online with Rockstar servers for PS2. I can hook up my PS2 to any Ethernet jack and play online. You can also use Ethernet to USB to connect online with PS2. Probably the last game to work online for PS2 to this day. I don’t think any others work.

Burnout Paradise (all the platforms its on)
Criterion still supports the servers for this. They also tweaked their TOS to let mods work online for the game! Modding wasn’t even initially supported. One man, smilingfrog, cracked the game wide open and ported the Console DLC’s and new stuff to the PC version, as well as much more.

Dedication to your long term players doesn’t mean you suddenly charge them. That’s how you lose your players